Hornby Island Blues Workshop

The Hornby Island Blues Society

Since 1999 the Hornby Island Blues Week and Music Camp have grown almost to capacity. With a dedicated program that keeps the class numbers small and the instruction world-class, we provide an intimate experience and a great opportunity for blues students and musicians to enhance their skills in this very special music genre. And while we continue to move our blues identity off island to surrounding communities with showcase concerts, and support Blues performances on Hornby throughout the year, and also provide outreach for Blues music into schools, we remain what we have always been a community group of Blues aficionados. Our ambition has always been to bring great blues artists to our island and to create a greater awareness of Canadian Blues music for everyone involved. Of course, we also like to have fun and this is just a great way to do that. We think the Hornby Island Blues Society has enriched the lives of not only our community, but also has influenced the creative growth of hundreds of student musicians. Years later now, we are really proud of what we have accomplished since that memorable July day in 1999 at the Comox Valley Musicfest when the Hornby Island Blues camp idea was forged.

From our humble beginnings (the first year we had only 16 paying students) to capacity venues, we have come a long way, and there are many people who have contributed.We are working on a brief history of our organization and our founding members that will be posted here soon. So much of what happens in the shaping of the Blues Workshop is directly linked to the support of our incredible community who provide their beautiful homes for accommodation or their studio space for teaching venues. We are also are truly grateful to the dozens of volunteers who cook, clean, build, and taxi for our guest musicians. And, as always, we remain thankful for the Hornby artists whose contributions to Blues Week and its"kick-off" art show distinguish this event from all others like it. While the Hornby Island Blues Society's Board may change, its mission rarely does, as the chance to hear live Blues played by world-class musicians, and to bear witness to the legendary jams and unhinged artistry for which our Blues Week has become notorious, is reward enough.

Our mandate is to bring blues performers to our island to create a greater awareness of Canadian Blues music and of the depth that Canadian musicians have to offer. We feel we are accomplishing this having hosted many of Canada's top Blues musicians.

Atkinson, Marc
Barnum, Gerry
Bennett, Keith
Bonkowski, Anita
Bonneville, Ray
Bowen Dalannah Gail
Braithwaite, Diana
Brown, Harpdog
Brown Michael, Jerome
Butler, Todd
Casat, Ron
Chessnut, Carrie
Chiarelli, Rita
Comeau, Gary
Coulombe, Denis
Cox, Doug
Davis, Guy
de Keyzer, Jack
del Junco, Carlos
Deslauriers, Paul
Essig, David
Fauth, Julian
Fines, Rick
Foley, Sue

Forrest, Angel
Foster, Ruthie
Fry, Georgette
Garrett, Amos
Gogo, David
Hamm, Ken
Harris, Dave
Hicks, Billy
Higgins Little Miss ( Jolene)
Hurrie, Sam
Hutchinson, Brent
Isaak, Brandon
Jackson, Russell
Johnson, Bill
Johnson, Donald Ray
Jones, J.W.
Jones, Tina
Kendall, Gary
Lerman, Al
Manx, Harry
McIlwaine, Ellen
McLean, Big Dave
McLean, Doc
Nordquist, Chris

Pigat, Paul
Preston, Gary
Quitzau, Lester
Sowan, Jared
Stowe, Marg
Vest, Dave
Vest, David
Vinnick, Suzie
Watson, Dawn Tyler
Wayne, Kenny
White, Scott
Whiteley, Chris
Whiteley, Ken
Wilcox, David
Williams, Tim