Hornby Island Blues Workshop

Bill Hicks - Drums

Growing up in a musical family, Bill was exposed to all styles of music, learning the importance of musicality in drumming as well as how to lay down a strong foundation from which to launch a song.

Bill approaches drumming with a vision to support musically as well as rhythmically, which explains his amazing diversity and why after graduating High School, Bill went on to play and record with Ingrid Jenson, Diana Krall, Senator Tommy Banks, Phil Dwyer, Hugh Fraser and VEJI, just to name a few.

His diversity inevitably leads him into the Blues, R and B and Funk, and found himself first call, playing and recording with the likes of: The Powder Blues, Jim Byrnes, Lester Quitzau, Marc Atkinson Electric and Dave Gogo as well as becoming one of the top studio drummers in Western Canada. This summer, Bill recorded on David Gogo, Tina Jones and Mark Crissinger’s latest albums.

Just watch Bill play - with his infectious groove, never ending chops, and ability to lift your spirit with his feel, you will see why he is one of the most highly regarded drummers around.

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