Hornby Island Blues Workshop

Carrie Chesnutt

For the first time, the Hornby Blues camp instruction will feature the amazing CARRIE CHESNUTT. This singer, song writer and musician has been stunning Canadian audiences with her wide repertoire of talent for years. Capable of operatic ballads one moment and raunchy blues the next , Carrie can also seduce sweetly on the flute or lay down a wail jazz/blues on tenor sax. She’s been described as smart, sexy , and rhythmically sassy, testimonies to her diversity and talent have been delivered by the eclectic likes of blues legend Paul Butterfield, Tex Mex Guitar Player songwriter Joe “King” Carrusco, Walleed Abdulhamid of the African band Radio Nomad , and here at home by Canadian music icons Molly Johnson, Ellen McIIlwayne, Carol Pope, “Lorraine Segato, and Rita Chiarelli, Have a look and listen here.

Major Class

Let The Blues Out

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