Michael Jerome-Browne Guitar

Major Class: Mississippi Blues - Level -Intermediate/advanced

Introduction to different types of Mississippi blues, from the Delta to the hill country and beyond. (Bring a slide and check the notes on tunings here!)

Throw away your flatpicks. On day 1 we will work in standard tuning, in the keys of E, A and D, and if we have time, G and C. Artists whose work we will look at will be Willie Brown, Tommy Johnson, Robert Johnson, Tommy McClennan, and maybe a little bit of Mississippi John Hurt. On day 2, we will work in open tuning, without a slide, mostly open G, and if we have time, open Dm. Artists whose work we will look at: will be R.L. Burnside, Charlie Patton, John Lee Hooker, Skip James, and Henry Townsend.
On day 3, we will work with a slide, in open G and open D tunings. Artists whose work we will look at: Son House, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Bukka White, Fred McDowell. 

Through all of this, we will work on alternating bass as well as single note bass techniques. Get that thumb going!