Julian Fauth

Major: Blues Piano
Level: Intermediate

In this course we will go through a variety of left-hand patterns (e.g., walking bass lines, "humpty dumpty", stride and chording). We'll also learn some useful scales and some riffs for the right hand. We will look at a number of common chord progressions in blues and gospel, including some 8, 12 and 16 bar forms. We'll also look at a few different "turn-arounds". In addition, we will cover a number of different rhythmic "feels", including shuffle, two-feel, swing, 6/8, waltz and rhumba. We will also discuss the difference between soloing and accompanying, and some of the things to keep in mind when playing with others. There will be some listening samples. This course is geared to intermediate students. You don't need to be a virtuoso, but some familiarity with the piano would be helpful. Students should bring a keyboard. And maybe some beer.