Gary Kendall

Major: The Blues, the Bass & More (For electric and acoustic bassists)
Bass players of all levels will benefit from this course and the majors and minors will be determined by the students’ needs. Everyone at every level in the class will be offered quality instruction in playing the instruction and the tips and techniques of performance and composition. At its core bass players will experience the following essential activity:
The Engine Room (Being part of the rhythm section.)
Bass players will be working with the instructors & students of Workshop drummer, piano players rhythm guitarists
Indispensable Bass Instruction for Majors and Minors:
1) 12 Bars, 8 Bars, Turnarounds, Sitting on The One & Minor Blues: A complete look at the most common blues song structures (the basics)
2) The Shuffle, The Walk, The Peddle, Slow Blues, The Funky Blues and The 1/5 and The blues grooves…………
3) Learning a song with chord charts and the numbers method
4) Laying The Bass Foundation Supporting the vocalist and Supporting the soloist
5) Discussions and examples of the bassist’s role in a band