Suzie Vinnick - Vocals

Major: Sing the Blues & Gospel with Suz
Hey there! Join me at the Sing the Blues & Gospel with Suz workshop where we'll dive into the world of singing the blues and gospel (and likely a little soul and funk, too!). The workshop will include tips on taking care of your voice by exploring vocal care essentials like warm-ups, proper breathing techniques, stretches, and other factors that can impact our voices. Then, we’ll take a little journey back in time to explore the roots of blues and gospel music, immersing ourselves in the incredible sounds of original and contemporary artists in these genres.

We'll also get hands-on with practical tips for delivering a powerful performance. From mic techniques to choosing the perfect key, and even preparing a basic chart, we'll cover all the bases for your next show or jam session. And of course, the highlight of the workshop will be putting all this newfound knowledge into action through some soulful singing of blues, gospel, funk, and soul. Get ready to make those vocal cords groove!