Hornby Island Blues Workshop

Chris Nordquist - Drums

You know in western culture the point man, also called the point rider or lead rider, is the cowboy who rides near the front of the herd—determining the direction, controlling the speed, and giving the cattle something to follow. Now I am not saying that 11 musicians that are suddenly assembled on a stage are like cattle but if the brand fits, wear it. This is where Chris Nordquist comes into the light; he is our point rider. Both affectionately and seriously known as The Wrist, Chris keeps order.

“I got the reputation, they called me ‘The Wrist’ because I was not animated, you know? I could play and it would barely look like I was doing anything but it would sound great. I guess it’s the economy of motion or something,”

When we first added Chris Nordquist to our Workshop back in 2015, we were immediately impressed with his astute preparation and his attentive interest in his students. It was easy to see and hear how drummers could learn much from him and that he would makes sure they did. Since the late 60s Chris has been regarded by his peers as one of the most “musical” drummers around; fluent in many genres, and as entertaining to watch as he is satisfying to listen to. All his experience and talent has led Chris to be nominated many times for the "Maple Blues Drummer of the Year" — earned recognition by his blues industry peers He is again nominated in 2024. He has repaid such recognition by serving his own music community as the Artistic Director of the Pender Harbour Blues and Roots Festival. Whether you are a drummer who wants to learn better stick and pedal control or improve your hi-hat techniques or your brush work, Chris is a drummer who gets it all and knows how to help you get there.

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