Hornby Island Blues Workshop

Russell Jackson - Bass

If you are a bass player coming to camp looking for genuine top shelf instruction and authenticity, you have found it in Russell Jackson. We are fortunate to have Russell return to Hornby as he is always in demand out there and students are blessed to have him playing it froward here.

As a young man, Russell Jackson went to Chicago to pursue a musical career as a bass player. He developed his craft in a very competitive Chicago blues scene, and was finally rewarded when he was hired by one of Chicago’s great blues artists, vocalist Otis Clay. This musical payoff would lead him to join the great BB King’s band and play with him for almost a decade.

With that kind of pedigree, any base player would know that whatever knowledge, advice or guidance Russell offers is going to be valuable. Known as progressive innovator Russell developed and number of improvements to approaches to playing bass—most notable was his use of his thumb on the bass strings. This technique is commonly used by present day funk bands, but Russell was the first to employ the technique in a blues context. While Russell became extremely proficient with the electric bass, he is known more notably for his talents on the stand-up bass. Russell is a disciple of the legendary Willie Dixon and continues to champion the tradition of the stand-up bass and he has done so here in Hornby Workshops concerts of the past.

Whether it’s standup or electric and no matter what level of bass player you are, whether just working it out in your living room or gigging down at the local bar, Russell’s great love of the bass and his long-term knowledge of playing and performing will only make you better. Time to become inspired by a real pro with a love of the genre

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